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Benzoic Acid

We are the prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Benzoic Acid, which is processed as per the international quality standards. We provide the Benzoic Acid in various packaging and affordable prices to our clients.

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Metric Ton

  • Synonyms : Benzenecarboxylic acid; Benzeneformic acid; Benzenemethonic acid; Carboxybenzene; Oracylic acid; phenyl carboxylic acid; Phenylformic acid
  • Molecular Formula : C7H6O2
  • Molecular Weight : 122.12
  • Molecular structure
    • CASE NO : 65-85-0
    • Product Grade : Food grade / Industrial grade / Pharma grade
  • Physical & Chemical Properties
    • Food grade : White crystallized powder; Industrial grade: white crystallized plate.
    • Melting at 121.5-123.5 C (starting sublime at 100 C); boiling at 249 C.
    • Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, very slightly soluble in benzene and acetone.

  • As the preservative, mainly use in fruit juice, drug, toothpaste, soft drink etc.
  • Also used as raw material of dye intermediate, paint synthesis, plasticizer and flavors.
  • It is also used in the manufacture of alkyd resins and drilling mud additive for crude oil recovery applications.

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